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Bernardo Bertolucci


Jeremy Thomas remembers Bernardo Bertolucci

“It’s hard to talk so soon after one of your closest friends, if not the closest, has passed.

Bernardo left a gigantic footprint on world cinema. The world knows about his fantastic early career, which I joined with him in 1984 for a series of wonderful experiences spanning many years.

I followed his bravery, and he inspired all around to work just a bit better, with a bit more passion, and openly involve themselves with the filmmaking. He was very inclusive to all he worked with, he was kind and compassionate. In a poetic way, Bernardo explored incredible themes with bravery in his films, and under a veil of beauty we could see and wonder how he managed to put all this into his films.

When he was making a film, Bernardo was at his most alive, exacting in his preparation, absorbed in all areas of the filmmaking. His skills got us out of many problems; when there were floods or the sets fell down, or the equipment couldn’t get to the top of the mountain he wanted, Bernardo would adapt and overcome the problem with me. He was the best partner.

I will miss him in a profound way, as will his wife Clare, and his collaborators and friends around the world.”

— Jeremy Thomas

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